Wednesday 17.7.19

"Enjoy your bodyweight"

5 Rounds for max reps:

Minute 1: AMRAP bench press @ bodyweight

Minute 2: Rest

Minute 3: AMRAP calorie row

Minute 4: Rest

*The score is the total number of bench, floor press, DB Bench and Ring PU + total calories rowed.

You will be rotating through these different movements each round along with the bench press.

*Floor press

*Dumbbell bench press

*Ring push-up


2 Rounds, NOT for time of:

0:45 Plank hold knees to elbows

25 Band pull aparts

Shoulder Stretch

2 Rounds:

0:30 Kneeling shoulder extension

0:30 Right trap stretch

0:30 Left trap stretch

0:30 Right shoulder cross reach

0:30 Left shoulder cross reach