Tuesday 19.11.19

Strict Pull-Ups

Make 1 attempt at max rep strict pull-ups

*Compare to 4/22/19, and 8/5/19

"Gymnasty 1"

For time:

10 Rope climbs

15 Ring muscle-ups

15 Bar muscle-ups


1) For an athlete that can do the movements

but the volume will lead to

failed reps or very long rest periods:

8 Rope climbs

6 Ring muscle-ups

4 Bar muscle-ups

2) For an athlete that is experienced,

has capacity at rope climbs,

can perform dips and banded muscle-ups,

but has 0 muscle-ups.

10 Rope climbs

30 Ring dips (band assisted if needed)

10 Band assisted bar muscle-ups

3) For an athlete that struggles with rope climbs:

7 Rope climbs

28 Banded assisted ring dips or parallel bar dips

35 Chest to bar pull-ups

4) For those that struggle with this workout:

10 Lying pull to stands

20-25 Ring dips with feet on floor and in front of the body

30 Ring rows