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Thursday 23.1.2020

"Road Block"

For time:

Row 2500m/2200m

At the 1,000m/800m mark perform:

10 Sandbag ground to over

the shoulder then continue row

At the 2,000m/1600m mark perform:

200ft Yoke carry

Finish out the remaining distance (500m/600m)

of your row after completion of the yoke carry

12:00 CLASS

"When the Walls Come Down"

3 Rounds for time:

15/12cal Air bike

12 Hang power clean

9 Burpees to a 6" target

Clean up from part 1 & move

into part 2 or core work


2 Rounds NOT for time:

14 DB Shoulder press

7 DB Front delt raises

7 DB Lateral delt raises

7 DB Rear delt raises

1:00 Rest


Accumulate 3:00 plank hold

Each time you break you must complete 10 V-ups

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