Thursday 16.5.19


5K Run

Yes, running 2 times in 3 days! This is intentional, with a two-fold focus.

1) To do a longer running test.

2) Prep for "Murph"! This is a day that is commonly skipped, but training this type of run will be very helpful mentally and physically to prepare for our two mile run in Murph next weekend. This type of testing is equally important to every other test we do at the gym. ALSO, Athletes typically will work harder when doing this with a group of people instead of doing it by themselves. So come on out and do this with us and test your 5k run!


*Ideally athletes do not go beyond 30:00 today.

*Utilize a mix of running and walking

*Run/walk 12:00 away from the gym and then try to run/walk the same distance back in equal or less time.

*4K or 3K run if mile is more than 10:00.


EMOM for (4 sets): 16 minutes total

Minute 1: 10cal Air bike

Minute 2: 10cal Row

Minute 3: 50 Meter Run

Minute 4: 10 Burpees