All Pyramids Start With The Base

How You Start

If you’re new to CrossFit, your first month with be spent in Function. This program is similar to our standard CrossFit class, but Function will give you the added benefit of a personal coach! This allows for custom modification in an intimate, yet still community oriented, environment amongst the class.


Foundations will help you develop the skill and mechanics you’ll need for CrossFit. Once you complete 8 sessions and your coach assesses your fitness level and capabilities, you will work together to decide if your next step is our CrossFit class or if you should continue getting acclimated to the world of CrossFit in our highly personalized Function class.


  the best hour of your day!

Welcome to CrossFit Viera, Viera’s best place for positive changes. From the moment you step into our box, you will receive personal attention: Here, we’ll always know your name, what drives and motivates you, what your challenges are today, and the path forward based on your individual needs. You’ll never be just a number to us.